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Car Air Conditioning Specialists Covering Brixton and Clapham

Ferndale Autos cover Brixton and the surrounding Clapham and South London areas. We operate from one of the most reputable local garages, undertaking car repairs for private, trade and fleet customers who welcome the many benefits associated with having all of their servicing and maintenance needs met by a single company.

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that air conditioning systems are checked and re-charged every 2 to 3 years; this helps to ensure vehicle passengers remain comfortable while the system stays "cold" and works effectively. An efficient air conditioning system helps keep vehicle temperatures at an appropriate level, and also helps to improve the fuel economy and performance of a vehicle while the air conditioning is being used.

Why Does Air Conditioning Need to be Serviced?

Your car air conditioning system can lose up to 10% of gas every year. If the gas level isn’t refilled, the system won’t be able to function as effectively. When temperatures are soaring outside, your air conditioning won’t be able to keep you as cool and as comfortable as it would if it was fully charged. Low gas levels will also reduce vehicle performance.

Furthermore, car air conditioning systems that aren’t regularly cleaned and serviced begin to harbor potentially dangerous allergens and pathogens. This can present a danger to drivers in Brixton, Clapham and South London as well as to their passengers. These allergens and pathogens are even associated with the onset of asthma.

What Happens Without Servicing?

Without servicing, your air conditioning system will continue to lose gas. This will ultimately make it less efficient. Having an inefficient system leads to increased fuel consumption and, eventually, your air conditioning will stop working; this can result in replacement parts or car repairs being needed, and adds to the cost of driving for Brixton and Clapham motorists.

At Ferndale Autos, we recommend that you have your air conditioning serviced at the same time as you book in for an annual service. At the very least, your air conditioning needs to be serviced every two years. The more you drive your vehicle and use the air conditioning, however, the more important it is to have it serviced at frequent intervals.

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